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A core part of our business is installing new high efficiency boilers. All modern condensing boilers offer the customer an opportunity to make significant savings on their fuel bills along with doing their part to reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

Updating or renewing parts of your heating system can also offer long term savings on ongoing costs, as well as enhancing comfort levels in your home. Modern radiators give far greater heat output, thus reducing running costs if sized correctly. Modern pumps and smart controls can also contribute towards reduced running costs while providing greater flexibility.

The fitting of a system filter on your central heating will help reduce the build up of ferrous metal sludge in your system, potentially damaging your boiler. It should be cleaned when carrying out your boiler service and is used alongside inhibitor to maintain a clean heating system.

We can also offer installation of underfloor heating, popularity of which has increased hugely in recent years because of the several advantages it offers. It can run at lower temperatures generally resulting in lower running costs, while freeing up wall space with no need for traditional radiators . It can also be fitted retrospectively on top of existing flooring with the use of overlay system.

Once you’ve got your brand new heating system, or even old ones, it’s vital to service all gas appliances including boilers and fires annually to ensure their ongoing safety. We’ll use a flue analyzer to determine the correct levels to set your boiler at for maximum efficiency while checking for safe levels of flue gases. Many manufacturers insist on annual servicing to keep within the terms of their guarantee.

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